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Is ReFind hosted? No, ReFind is software that is installed in your office and shares the data from a nominated server out to other PCs on the network. We have chosen this approach as we have not found a development environment/language that would allow us to provide the performance and capabilities that currently come with ReFind.
What do I need for a ReFind server? For small networks of up to 5 users one of the PCs will be nominated to hold the server part of ReFind as well as acting as a client PC for the user sitting at it. Ideally that PC will have around 4Gb or more of memory and be running Windows 7 or Windows 8 with an Intel i5 or better processor

A modern, well specified, Windows PC could cope with up to 20 users but it would need be dedicated to the job of acting as the ReFind Server and have either an Intel  i5 or i7 processor

If you have a dedicated windows server running one of the windows server operating systems then you can use this to host ReFind for much larger numbers of users and we are happy to advise on the capacity for suitable performance.
Where is my data held? Your data is held on the nominated server in your office and is totally under your own control making backups a simple process which we are happy to assist with setting up

The underlying database is Microsoft's SQL Server, generally these days this will be the 2008 R2 version and for smaller systems this can be the Express version which is a free download from Microsoft. This free version has a few limits namely a maximum 10Gb database size and it will only utilise 1 processor no matter how many are fitted to the server

Realistically this is suitable for up to 20 or 30 users but very active offices may grow (after a number of years) to the database size limit. If this happens then SQL Server can be upgraded to a paid for version which is scalable to many hundreds of users

In addition to SQL Server the CVs, and other attachments, are held within a text search database which gives exceedingly capable search abilities allowing you great flexibility of access to your data
I have data already will you import it? Yes, if you have existing data then we can import this for you prior to installation so that you can hit the ground running. Depending on the consistency of the information and how it is supplied to us we may not even make a charge
How do I license ReFind? You need to obtain a number of licenses to use ReFind depending on the number of simultaneous users that you want to have access. These licences can be bought on a perpetual basis or on a rental basis. The two types of licenses can be mixed and matched as appropriate.

Are there any other costs? There will be costs for installation and also any onsite training. In addition to this most users with perpetual licenses take on-going updates and support. Rental licenses already include support and updates.

These costs depend on individual requirements and will be quoted for after initial discussions